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Gainesville Fellows: The Importance of Narrative

We live in a complex and complicated age. The call to live faithfully in the midst of a continually changing landscape can be difficult and disorienting. There are three guiding narratives that help aim our lives toward faithful living in God’s kingdom. These orienting stories weave together to both make sense of our surrounding circumstances and give us a path towards a future that is anchored in active hope.

The first story is God’s grand narrative that unfolds throughout the Bible. This story explains our origins, invites our participation, and aims our hope. Fellows will drink richly from God’s Word and learn more deeply how it fits together as one cohesive story.

The second narrative is the story of our individual lives. We have each been uniquely created with our own set of talents and weaknesses, accomplishments and failures, hopes and fears, circumstances and backstories. Our stories are composed by One who designs us to bear his image, reflect his glory, and bless our neighbors. Fellows will spend time learning to decipher and develop their gifts and skills, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of their own stories.

The third narrative is that of place. Each neighborhood, town, and city has its own particular story of pain and beauty, despair and flourishing. To live faithfully we have to be grounded and aware of our place. Fellows will learn to see how each particular place grows out of its history and informs a faithful Christ like presence.

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