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​Many Christians today live and work with a Sunday to Monday gap. They see and sense God’s purpose and presence during worship services on Sunday (or on other nights at Christian gatherings). They know to follow God out into a broken world during mission trips, outreaches, and service projects. Yet, they often struggle to hold that same sense of purpose in the rest of life – study, work, hobbies, recreation, community, and rest. We are called to follow Christ as a cosmic king with the totality of our lives.

Gainesville Fellows exists to raise up the next generation of leaders for the church and city by assisting young professionals in exploring their vocational giftings, passions, and calling. Through 9 months of work, study, community, and service, we develop participants personally, professionally, and spiritually while growing their imaginations for how God uses their everyday work to bring about goodness and blessing to the city. At the end of the year, each fellow will leave with a robust theological framework for the integration of faith and work, a thriving local network of mentors and professional connections, a better understanding of the local needs and opportunities in our community, and a clear next step in advancing their career.


How is this Accomplished?


Orienting Narratives:

We weave together three foundational stories – God’s grand narrative, our personal story, and the story of place. This forms the foundation of faithful living.

Rich Participation:

We go beyond reading, studying, and filling in the blanks. Projects, assignments, assessments, and experiences engage participants in ways that create deeper and more lasting growth.

Transformational Community:

We believe growth happens together. Through sharing meals, stories, and space around a table, fellows absorb truth, beauty, and purpose that is often more caught than taught.

Enduring Wisdom:

We are drowning in a sea of information. Answers are everywhere – they’re cheap. In such an age we need more of the right questions. It is often these questions – ones without simple answers – that make the biggest impact in our lives when they are thoughtfully reflected upon under the guidance and care of like-minded peers and mentors.  

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